I think every story should have a start, middle and an end. I find Bride and Groom Preparation photography helps complete the overall picture of the day, to capture those moments leading up to the ceremony and the finer details that play a huge part in your day that you would not necessarily think about.


You’ve spent a lot of money on the details of your wedding like the rings, suits, dresses and shoes.

I like to capture these details of your wedding. Your day moves quickly and while you may not have the time to sit back and fully appreciate them, I will be sure to have gorgeous pictures of them.



Those last few hours before the wedding and I want to capture the nerves, the fun and the laughter. Bridal preparations are a huge part of any wedding day. I love hearing about the antics from the Hen Do and how he proposed and all the giggles in between. This is a moment for the bride and her girls to have some quality time building up to the biggest moment in her life.

beautiful mother and son kiss - birmingham wedding photography
Maid of honour - Birmingham wedding photography


That’s right! A groom wants to look his best for the big day too. It’s amazing how many of them add a touch of foundation or use the hair straighteners. Oh and you won’t believe how many grooms have nearly given themselves an aneurysm on their big day because they don’t know to tie a cravat, or fold a pocket square, or how to correctly attach a floral buttonhole. This stuff makes for fantastic photographs!



Click the images below to view some of my photography from previous weddings. My goal is to create impactful photographs that blend emotion, creativity, and artistry for a truly differentiated end product and experience.

Wedding Ceremony Gallery

With digital wedding photos, your memories are preserved forever. Creating images that are timeless and classic is another aspect of my style.

Wedding Family and Formal Gallery

Family and formal photography can be a lot of fun. I love capturing moments between loved ones that families would be proud to showcase on a canvas on their walls

Wedding Reception Gallery

During weddings, i am always looking for laughs, hugs and crazy moments. Here are some of my favourite wedding reception photos.

Wedding Black and White Gallery

Black and White Wedding Photography creates a timeless and classic look to your wedding photos. Take a look at the black and white photography gallery here