Wedding Photography Packages & Prices

As you may have discovered, there are many different ways that people choose to price wedding photography and so I want to be totally transparent about what you are paying for with me. The most important thing that you are investing in is actually my time – Most people think my job is done at their wedding but in fact, that’s just the start, it takes a lot of effort and skill to make beautiful pictures, both during the wedding and afterwards in post-production.  I spend a lot of time after the wedding day carefully editing, retouching and toning your wedding images to produce a stunning collection of the entire day – from the smallest details to the signature couple portraits.

I am proud of my work and to work for my clients and put a huge effort into capturing and creating beautiful standout wedding images on the day as well as taking a more documentary approach to the story and the moments that will unfold and it is this extra creative effort and care that you are investing in.

I offer multiple packages to suit all budgets. Please take a look at my collections below.