Best Wedding Photos - What the best wedding photography?

Best Wedding Photos

What makes the best wedding photos?

Well, this is something that i can’t pinpoint when it comes to a persons specific taste and people will have different opinions on what makes the best photos. For instance, I have shot some of my best work and couldn’t wait to show the photos to my clients, but when i showed them they preferred images that i wouldn’t consider my absolute best when it came down to technical and creative ability.

wedding photographer castle bromwich hall gardens groom and groomsmen

I have even taken photos using an iPhone and people have rated those images more than photos i have taken using my professional camera… How?

Well there are multiple reasons, some people love natural, candid photography and state it is the best as it captures real emotions and moments as they happen.


Others will say posed to make the bride and groom look their absolute best, bringing out their very best features and accentuate the dress in its full glory, full of elegant and poise.

Wedding photography posed group portraits

Personally, i love the two styles and regularly adapt my approach to capture the best photos for my clients based on what they want.

95% of the time most bride and grooms don’t know what they want when it comes to wedding photography, they will have an idea of what they like style wise but don’t know what will be their favourite photo.

fun candid wedding photography

This is where i like to get personal, every wedding i shoot i shoot with my clients personality and style at the forefront of my mind.

To me, the best wedding photos are the ones that mean the most to you. You have a small family who you adore and want loads of photos photos of your wedding day with your children, so i make extra effort to capture those images. You have a sick father, it means the most to have photos of him walking you down the aisle and a father daughter dance, again i will take the extra time and effort capturing those moments, to these brides these will be the best wedding photos.

wedding photography family candid photo

You love editorial style photography and would love to have a photo of yourself looking like a vogue magazine model, i will take the extra time to ensure i can set up the perfect shot and pose you in a way to bring you that perfect photo. To those people this will be the best wedding photo.

editorial style wedding photography black and white

So the answer to your question of what makes the best wedding photo, well that is down to you and your values, any photographer who can get to know what your values are will take your best wedding photos.

If you are looking for a wedding photographer who can help you find it what it is you want and will shoot your wedding photos in a unique and personal way, please get in touch.