Black & White Wedding Photography

Black & White Wedding Photography

Black and white wedding photography, some people love it, some people not so much and other don’t know the difference between colour and black and white.

If you have spent any amount of time looking through my site you will have noticed i love shooting both colour and black and white photography, especially black and white wedding photography. When it comes to it, i absolutely love shooting black and white, and there are multiple reasons for this, other than just the obvious ‘black and white really compliments the style of ‘documentary wedding photography‘. So I thought I would take a moment to discuss the reasons here and have a look at why black and white wedding photography can be especially powerful.

Before i became a professional photographer, all i knew about photos were what i saw in the newspapers, magazines and articles and 95% of the time those pictures are black and white.

I always thought black and white would be to save money on coloured ink, lol. However, since picking up a camera and becoming a photographer it dawned on me this was not the reason at all. Colour can change the viewers focus. Black and white simplifies the image and allows the viewer to concentrate on the important elements, especially when it comes down to photojournalism.

However, sometimes the colour is an important element. Sometimes an image can be all about the colour only. But often by removing the colour can change the whole look of the image and really highlight emotion and dramatics in the overall look of the image. Black and white images are classy and elegant. Black and white wedding photography in particular takes on that classic timeless air, the elegance it carries with it has a sense of romance and portrays that documentary style of wedding photography so perfectly.

All stuff you want particularly when making a collection of wedding photos that have to stand the test of time. Black and white is also as far as I’m concerned far more memorable.

When I shoot a weddings I’m using digital equipment, and due to this i can provide my clients with a collection of both colour and black and white edited photographs. A wedding is about family, people, emotions and moments, these pictures are often stronger in black and white, but when it comes to showing off the venue, flowers, colour schemes, decorations and cake, colour is needed.

If you particularly like black and white wedding photography and you’re looking for a wedding photographer then get in touch, I may be perfect for you.  If you want it all in colour, don’t fret you can have both, it’s all part of the day after all.