Maddi & Rikki Smith Wedding - The Wroxeter Hotel, Shrewsbury

Maddi & Rikki Smith - The Wroxeter Hotel, Shrewsbury

When you think of a winter, you think cold, wet and miserable.

But, on the 1st December 2018, i was hired to shoot video for the wedding of Maddi & Rikki Smith although it was cold and wet, it was anything but miserable.

Maddi booked me a few days before the wedding, it was that short notice i couldn’t meet with her or Rikki due to schedules, but we spoke on the phone and come up with a plan for her wedding video.

I turned up as a total surprise to everyone except for Maddi and her soon to be mother in law Val, they hired me and kept it as a surprise for everyone including the groom Rikki.

I grabbed my camera, set up my gimbal and started shooting.

I started the day with the bride and her bridesmaids, hair and make up in full flow, i just blended into the background and pressed record. This is how Maddi wanted her wedding video, candid, in the moment and capturing the day as it unravelled.

When Rikki and his boys arrived i went to introduce myself, i didn’t realise i was a surprise until i went to shake his hand.

I then went to shoot their preparations, after that we had abit of fun with the cars and getting some shots of the guys looking so very dapper in their tuxedoes.

Their three boys Adam, Jaden and Lucas was absolutely phenomenal throughout the day and handled the camera like pros.

It then came to the first look of the father of the bride, Maddi told me how important this was to her so we made the extra special effort to get set up in the right spot to capture it.

Before Craig (Father of the bride) came in, Maddi was full of emotion and was barely holding it together. As soon as Craig saw Maddi, well there are not words, he was speechless and what an amazing reaction.

A beautiful ceremony room set up as a winter wonderland, saw the coming together of Maddi and Rikki as husband and wife witness by all their family and friends.

As they signed the register, their guests were serenaded by acoustic duo loose lips, followed by another song to lead the new husband and wife out.

The rest of the day saw a magic, laughter, tears and smiles as the champagne flowed.

Emotional speeches and hilarious photos took centre stage and more laughter followed.

With a beautiful and emotional father daughter dance starting off the evening reception these two really did have the time of their lives.

Many congratulations Mr & Mrs Smith